Premium Old-World Artisan Wines
We stopped commercial production of our wines in 2006 and currently produce wines for friends and family only. We have been very proud to offer our vintages to the general public and greatly appreciate all the support and accolades we have received. However, one must eventually retire.
Wine-making Style
Old-world wines made to honor the grape.
Our goal has always been to consistently produce wines delivering the kind of finesse and subtle complexities one would expect to taste in expensive premium wines from artisan wineries using only hand-crafted, labor-intensive winemaking techniques.

By limiting the production of each vintage, we were able to better manage the wine making process. We saw our job as one of helping the grape meet its maximum potential. Only through meticulous processes can the winemaker produce premium world-class wines.

The team

Julie Etheridge-Eacrett
Brand Evangelist(CEO)
Julz has been a valuable winery asset from the start. She is a student of the winemaking process and huge advocate for the winery.
Bill Broich
Bill is one of the founding fathers of northwest winemaking. His many years in the business has proven invaluable.
Rob Nanstad
Rob left Microsoft to persue his winemaking passion. He is dedicated to the meticulous application of old-world processes.